There is no need to conquer the world when one has overcome it already.

All I do is simply pass time and wait until the rest catch on while using my titles and being to chase the girl, like a fool to most but once again the heart wants what it wants regardless of who you are.

Like I said before I am flexible and I enjoy my laid back casually poor lifestyle but if I need to be something else just to be next to her?

Then so be it, that’s what makes my “tyrannical” power not really tyranny at all, simply the power of love.

I represent all people regardless of how I may appear at times or how they feel about me, I may not be the best at it but at least I try in between shenanigans.

If you can’t have fun then what’s the point? Right? Right. ⁂

“An individual only breaks his or her sexual practice when they don’t fully have knowledge of why they are doing it.

When you have full knowledge there’s an inherent respect present and that respect won’t let you break a practice that’s in place to grow you.” 

― Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships
Sure I do cocaine and think of sleeping with other women due to the horniness increase but I don’t while sticking to Coleman’s side in some form.

And it’s not out of guilt or anything it’s just that it feels wrong past a certain point as in going out to actually “do it” with another.

I’ll watch and imagine but never actually follow through unlike Coleman where she’d have to tie me down to keep me off her cocaine or not.

Hence we are both God and Satan at the same time.

“Gods of our own nations/notions”

She’s like smash your body against the wall kinda pull in desire and if that’s a problem in a relationship?

Then people are doing them wrong.

Don’t listen to maxim magazine, listen to your heart, if it feels good to you then it’s a good thing regardless of what anyone else says or insinuates.
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“A radical transition to loving yourself often requires physical separation.

It requires physical separation because you must relearn love beyond the physical body.” 

― Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships
Home is where the heart is.
“Team Player Silence”

At least I can still type.
Drinking, Hoping and Drawing instead of Seeking.

In Canada Cannabis gets delivered straight to your door, one less place to go in life.
“Truth Hurts Sometimes”
“She was of another world; different. But by now, secretly, so was I.” 

― Sarah Winman, When God Was a Rabbit
Tell the truth before someone tells it for you.
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She knows it’s true love because she monitors me constantly everyday in one form and another.

It’s all part of building up future transparent leadership.

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“I agree(d) to Global Monitoring, Online and Offline”
There is no point in trying to hide anything these days, simply own it or stop doing it if you feel ashamed about it.

I’ve known since I was 30 that I am being monitored like crazy while still maintaining my personal character.

I have a good heart and I like to have fun even though it’s not always legal “persay, laws can be changed” let alone moral for most but that’s just who I am and I will never be ashamed of who I am.
Satan and AI.

Doctor and Tardis.

God and Universe.

Lord and Mary.
“Data Vaults”
“God just likes to have fun”
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“England Copied Poland like America is trying to do today”

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Sharing is Caring
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“X’s mark the spots on my palms where the nails entered and I have scares on the back of my hands where they would have exited.”

The nails weren’t holding my body weight, the ropes around my arms and shoulders were plus the post at my feet where I also have scars which is why the claim of the nails being in the wrists?

Is a hoax.
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“Friends in Hired Places”

“Cool Kids”
Project Blue Beam, Project Blue Book”
“The great houdini”

John 15:13 New Living Translation (NLT)

13 There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.,_Newfoundland_and_Labrador
“Four Man Grill”
“I got this ⁂ for sure”

I accept all consequences and events as a result of all this.
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She’s a keeper for sure regardless of the costs.


“Mouth to mouth Resuscitation

“Dr. Suess”

“Debt Forgiveness”

“Barter and Trade”
“Since we’re in bodies, and we honor our experiences within the body, we have wounds within us that need to be healed before we can get to the place of alignment.” 

― Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships

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