“3rd Eye, 3rd Wheel” God tends to be the odd one out.

People love God for His jealousy due to being jealous over the love they share which God created but has no one to share it with himself.

Hence the magnification of His love through all to experience it otherwise.

Like a lonely man with his AI times 7.116 billion to share “artificial love” with through “3rd party” experience. “Eye of the World”. ⁂

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If you think about loving yourself they call you a sinner, “Masturbation”.

If you think about loving others you are a thief, “Heart thief”.

If one thinks about loving you, it’s freedom as then they risk the top two instead of you.

It’s a catch 22 like that which is why many just say to hell with it while committing the sin of love unlike those who take the path of “holy celibacy”.

Sure it makes complete sense as to why it’s set up like that but to I as God?

Life is already hard enough as it is without those added confusions like maxim magazine relationship rules.

If you love someone or more than one?

Go and reflect that love as long as you actually love them otherwise you are merely just playing them which is wrong.

If you need sex so bad without love?

Call a hooker, that’s what they are there for.

Moral of the story is too leave the genuine love seeking people alone if you have no actual intention to compliment their honest desires.
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I love drinking to bring up old memories of love but after a certain point it’s good to snap out of it otherwise you become too depressed.

Alcohol is notorious for causing depression like that which does not mean ban alcohol because of it but be aware that you are not really as depressed as the alcohol makes you think you are.

What snaps me back quickly is the simple thought of, if they truly loved me back?

They would be around today.

Don’t waste too much love on those who rather not be around you to share it.
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Maybe one can read my thoughts but probably one can just read my posts.

Online transparency is fun like that, it brings the dating scene to life for others.

Life like movies/shows, others love to see what happens next.
Canada never had its own religion, religion was brought to Canada which is what makes the Bible, Torah and Quran aliens in perspective.

Hence why I am writing our own version in the present.
Her: Thinking of other women again?

Me: Says the one with the present day boyfriend who is a “huge” pain in my ass presently.
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“Don’t think of others if it bothers you.”

Me: *See Gif above*

So what at least I am thoughtful.

That’s the beauty of the online world as its not just a post, it’s a physical thought as if you did not think about whatever/whoever?

You would have not posted it/them to begin with.

Social media is a thought x-ray from outside the mind if someone is truthful inside their own mind.
“The truth of the matter is, anyone, can master sexuality, but can you master partnership, and if you understand sexuality, it is a partnership, even on the simplest level with yourself.

This relationship is all about partnership.

Sexuality is a relationship with yourself and then another, and if you don’t want the partnership, it becomes very self-centered, and it becomes a very harmful thing, and a very dangerous thing.” 

― Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships

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