I can push this claim legally anytime I want through my lawyer a zig zag ways down the street but that’s not the point…

The point is it will be more fun to do with Coleman by my side, what’s the point of personal glory if you have no one to share it with?

The fun is not in the glory but in the chasing of glory together while embracing it together after. ⁂

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“There is no time like the present”
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“Tempting Offers”

“Gemini Towers Falling In Love”

“I am mentally, spiritually and physically incapable of loving anyone else completely.”

In truth, I just don’t want to love anyone else this way.
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“Elevens the best you’ll cry your eyes out.”

– Clara Oswald, Dr. Who

“COD Home”

“There is no place like Home”

“Please Take Me Home”
“In order to mount to heaven, you used the Inferno to give you momentum. “The further down you gain your momentum,” you often used to tell me, “the higher you shall be able to reach.

The militant Christian’s greatest worth is not his virtue, but his struggle to transform into virtue the impudence, dishonor, unfaithfulness, and malice within him.

One day Lucifer will be the most glorious archangel standing next to God; not Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael—but Lucifer, after he has finally transubstantiated his terrible darkness into light.” 

― Nikos Kazantzakis, Saint Francis

“There Is No Life Alone”

“LA Time”

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