I know too much history which is why I drink and what not…

Which are the exact same reasons why most avoid it. “Depression”

Once you perceive it you cannot unperceive it if you truly care. ⁂

“Final Fantasy Save Points”

“Air Miles”


“Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair”

Yes I studied more than one should in life hence being labelled as overqualified to most.
Tears help me remember that I am actually capable of love.
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“Within Temptation”
“Friends with Benefits”

“As above so below both taken”

“Torn Apart”

“French and English”


“A good heart comes with the highest price”

“Unconditional love despite being hated for It”

“You’re It”
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Long story short?

“Sapiosexual Nightmare”


“Loving intelligence too much”

“72 Versions of Love and then Some”

“And I saw her as a sad thirtieth child of Valentine that fell, not as Lucifer rebelling against God, but because she too passionately wanted to be united with him!

All things in excess become sin.” 

― Lawrence Durrell, The Alexandria Quartet
“A sacred sexual spiritual partnership is essentially what at core, if not many, all of us, are searching for, or have searched for at some point in time, in ourselves, or in another.” 

― Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships
“Splitting the Atom”

“Came out to lend a hand”

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