Society: We have guns, gangs and armies….

Me: I got some greedy lawyer in a house by Harvey’s willing to hurt you all financially.

I love greed only if it’s on my side, simply put, puppets. ⁂

“The Problem Child”

Who’s problem, criminals or cops?


“Love is a thin red line”

“Red line of Death”
Between Right and Insanity there is Righteousness.
“The Crazy Cat Man”
Image result for i love them gif
The crazier the sexier, up to an extent.

“Debt Ceiling Extension for Now”

I don’t want to actually hurt people and they know it which is the only thing “evil” has on me.
Image may contain: one or more people and text
It’s like, “Yeah whatever let’s just start working together”.
If we have mistreatment of women and pedophilia issues in Hollywood?

Time to clean house.

“I’ll go in undercover if needed”

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