By being aware of what you have done compared to others you secure your personal being.

People can say whatever and think anything about me but at the end of the day?

I know my truth, I lived it and co-wrote it while rewriting/reliving it in other ways like I am doing today.

“Life Customization Modelling”

You haven’t heard of these “models” before because I just created them.

“Names, Amen” It’s really that simple. ⁂

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It’s like this, keep the monarchy image but lose the stick up your ass and I can work with it.
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No, but I’ll take a no limit Elite Maestro Master Card instead.

No limit as in I spend and you pay instead of me having to pay back out of my own pocket since I do enough outside my pocket which compensates more than enough anyways.

Not to mention I spend next to nothing compared to most others.

Most Africans cost more than me, they have cellphones lmfao.

Them: They don’t have the drug habits you have.

Me: Look, all I am saying is that it would be like 2k per month maybe 3.

That’s peanuts compared to Mr. Mercedes over there.
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That works too.

See I can be reasonable, when faced against women. lol
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Me: To a Star?

Them: No we will just pay someone more per hour to be your wife from below.

Me: Not sure if that is a compliment or an insult?

That really all depends on who in the end, problem solved.
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“Are you choosing your life from the past, the expectation of the future, or from this very moment?” 

― Susanna Mittermaier, Pragmatic Psychology
“Look A Likes”

“The LA Look”

“Two crushes with “boyfriends/husbands” one is real and one is not”

“Where are the wedding photos?”

Me: Well like Jacob did in the past I could just be with both….

Them: No!!!

Me: Dammit.
In the end both are Hot and Smart so that’s all that really matters so I’ll just be me until one steps forward.

“If you build it one will come”

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