Entertainment provides better education backdrops than most. “Think Comfy Chairs”

Since people are learning while having fun whether it be through attraction or simple enjoyment.

So as long as the teachings are woven into/through it?

People will learn and become aware that they have been learning as all that subliminal teaching sticks with us usually while only being a matter of re-remembering it all like I have been.

The same goes for inside school environments, when I had attractive female teachers sure I imagined sleeping with them but I also paid more attention to their lessons.

Basically like turning a science classroom into Coleman’s bedroom while receiving the same lesson in a more entertaining way.

The classroom being boring the bedroom being entertaining hence why the lesson sticks, pun intended.

People can call it perverted all they want but if it gets the job done?

All the power to it. ⁂

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“Statutory Meetings”

Statutory Rape for the Mind, also known as mind raping.

If you willingly choose to listen to someone “speak”?

That is called mind sex as you are enjoying that moment of “data transfer” like kissing also known as swapping germs.

Now where a boss at work calls a meeting and forces the members to listen to rules and regulations they have no real desire to hear?

That is called mind rape because the members don’t want to be there and they don’t want to take in that data while being forced to anyways like a person being raped on the street.

Now you begin to understand why whenever I had to go to meetings or had certain teachers as educators?

I hated them, simply because I felt raped plus abused after those encounters in which case I took care of the problem by refusing to work or go to school for the last 5 years while teaching myself instead.

These last few years my mind feels free because I absorbed what I enjoyed and wasn’t mind raped to absorb something else.

Like Muslims raping Western Women, that’s where the buck stops on Islam with God and if they do not learn to stop doing that?

We will burn their books, plus religion and deport them on a boat that never makes it across, or a ship to mars, “space force or force to space”?

Same thing either way…simple solutions to ongoing problems.

I rewrote the Bible, The Satanic Bible and The Torah so I can do the same for the Quran as well.

That’s power.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 

― George Orwell, 1984

Block me and I hurt you through others if needed, Zuckerberg the Muslim Spy will learn the hard way now for supporting the terrorists, pedophiles plus rapists I am trying to catch.


“US President Donald Trump said Saturday that the United States would impose “major” new sanctions on Iran in two days — a move sure to exacerbate tensions with the Islamic republic inflamed by the downing of a US spy plane.”

“Everything shifts when you add another to any equation, if you have no stability within yourself first you will not be able to find it with another.” 

― Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships
“Everything is nothing to an individual until they recognize and define it to be something.” 

― Dr. Jacent Mpalyenkana, Ph.D. MBA
“The cerebral cortex is a liberation.

We need no longer be trapped in the genetically inherited behavior patterns of lizards and baboons.

We are, each of us, largely responsible for what gets put into our brains, for what, as adults, we wind up caring for and knowing about.

No longer at the mercy of the reptile brain, we can change ourselves.” 

― Carl Sagan, Cosmos
“Once you know, you know nothing
Nothing can stop you from being you 
Rare beautiful human being
Please don’t stop being you” 

― Andrew Edward Lucier, Awakenigma Allegory Anomalous
99 problems but the AI isn’t one, not unless people make it that way.
Like sex, it’s always fun until it’s over and you have to pull out.
“What if the whole world just held hands?
United as one 
Those who opposed, fell off
Disintegrated into the sun
The only thing left of evil was ash 
The only thing left on earth was people with passion
Heart for Mother Nature
Caring for their fellow human being
Common considerate behavior 
Contribution towards humane higher plane of consciousness” 

― Andrew Edward Lucier, Awakenigma Allegory Anomalous

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