If you look in the mirror and find yourself unattractive?

That’s probably because you are not gay which is why the opposite other acts as a better mirror for you.

Woman have complained about their looks many times before to me meanwhile I would have slept with them all out of attraction had I not been taken and vice versa.

So it goes to show how they do not see their own beauty since they are not sexually attracted to themselves.

No different than a straight man looking in the mirror at themselves and seeing unattractiveness. ⁂

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“The Gay Mirror Test”

“Devil’s Mirrors”
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“Unconscious masses are puppets; their fate is determined by the crafty powers outside the mass!

Conscious masses are composed of people of strong personality; their fate is determined by themselves!” 

― Mehmet Murat ildan
Not really, have you ever determined whether you are good kisser by yourself?

That’s impossible unless you find a way to actually kiss yourself to find out.

Therefore a strong personality in that sense is only created through the acts of two.

“Acts through the Apostles into Romance”
“The Divine Comedy”

Fear of Loving someone due to their or lack of their class, race, title, wealth, intelligence etc…..

If you love someone you love them regardless of reasons, it’s that simple.

Seal the Deal and Devil at the same time.

“Two Birds One Stone”



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