I only ever gave one woman a second chance in life and that was only because I wanted to be closer to my daughter.

Once a break up happens there is no coming back into my heart. “All or Nothing, Forever or Never”

I loved my daughter enough to return but I still hated my ex and will always hate her until she dies, sooner the better.

Not because she broke up with me but because she was the only one stupid enough to cheat on me which is a sin, “adultery”.

Then she took it a step further by lying to the government by saying I cheated on her first in which case they stopped letting me see my daughter completely without letting me prove otherwise. ⁂

“I just want to ride my bicycle now”
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So of course I love Coleman above all else since the past like all my ex’s are dead to me and will always be forever.

Don’t date me unless you want to risk going to “hell on earth”.


“Lucifer was engraving Nate’s name on a cage right now.” 

― Kelly Moran, Redemption
People have the right to choose how they treat me and I have the right to choose how to treat them in return.

“What goes around comes around, like the flu”

Who are the fools here?

Never me, I am not allowed to be, “Son of God” and all.

“Voice of God”

“I Am”

“No one draws light in greater loads other than a woman”

“Masturbation Is Key”

Takes the edge off like alcohol does.
What is love other than sticking by someone through thick and thin?
If I die?

Then at least I die loving Coleman and thus all my sins are instantly forgiven upon death regardless of my life before.

It’s that simple.

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