If Islam was an actual legitimate religion?

They wouldn’t need Islamophobia or blocking or terrorists or claiming racism against Muslims who in fact are not even a race so it just proves they are desperately drawing at straws now.

How many people have I blocked for trying to express themselves logically to me? Zero.

How many people have I prevented from providing evidence against my claims? Zero.

How many people have I killed or raped or imprisoned for lack of belief in me? Zero.

How many people have I forced to read let alone acknowledge my religion? Zero.

How many nations have I “invaded” in terms of saying this is the only true religion? Zero.

How many products whether they be food or material did I force people to purchase? Zero.

How much money/tithes did I force people to pay in order to be in God’s good will? Zero.

How many people did I deny from having their own personal beliefs while assisting mine? Zero.

Now if we compare just that to Islam?

They cannot claim the same towards any of the above at all. ⁂

Poverty should be a top issue, not some delusion called islamophobia.

If anything they have Jordanophobia for failing to face me personally in life and online while blocking me plus ignoring my requests to speak with the opposition publicly.
Human stupidity is not infinite persay, human negligence is which is the only stupidity I know.
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I mean have lots and lots of fun which is what procreation is.

Do you know what’s not fun?

Preventing procreation from happening whether it be in person or some other way.
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Them: Aren’t you concerned over the repercussions this might have on Coleman in England?

Me: What is she an instrument?

Inside joke never mind, the point is that she’s a famous star so she has way more protection than I do.

So if I can handle it?

She definitely can too.
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“There is a self-destructive program running in the consciousness of humanity, and we must write a different program.”

― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason
Founder: I found Her.


Attack me and I attack you, help me and I help you.


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