“Key Lime Pie”

“IP Climb” ⁂ Clip for short, Ego Booster.

“Fear and pain should be treated as signals not to close our eyes but to open them wider.” 

― Nathaniel Branden, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
Image result for i believe her lucifer gif
They be like, how could a star like Coleman love you compared to so many others?

Me: I must be the Devil or something….

There’s not much TV these days where you really get that element of surprise.

There are so many spoilers all the time.

Jenna Coleman
She be like, I just love weird things like you.

Me: Finally being weird pays off in life.
Only a star let alone a Goddess could have the power to enclose me like this.
Are One.
“Father Lucifer you never looked so sane.”

– Tori Amos
Who’s fault is that now?

Definitely not mine I know that much for sure.
The best way to create a “crossfire” is too separate two who are deeply in love.

“All fall short before the glory of that”

“Hand in Marriage”


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