Stardism is all about throwing around ideas while having creative fun in infinite ways.

Like self expression and reviewing yourself, that is loads of fun, no pun intended.

We absorb what we perceive and I usually create my own perceptions.

Long story short, I write my own mental download scripts instead of just relying on others.

I am what is better known as a rogue programmer. ⁂ “Programs and Plays”

I created my own matrix within the matrix and now I don’t want to leave from it alone.
In one timeline I love Her, in another timeline she loves Tom and in another timeline we love each other.

Basically 1.5 of the 3 are the same.

I’d be a good guy towards more people but half my heart is in Coleman, like Havana but cooler.

Exodus 15:3

The Lord is a warrior;
    the Lord is his name.

“Lord = Lowered”

Like being lowered into a gorge or a well.
The only person I cannot ignore is Coleman because pretty much everything reminds me of her.

I can’t even watch anything without her popping up in some form and likewise with myself.

Not that it bothers me, It just makes me want to be with her more.
Related image
Coleman: What’s more important, all your years of research and data or me?

Me: *Looks at Computer, Presses Delete and Smashes Screen*

“All good things come to those who wait”

Till when? Till death?

Because death is considered a good thing too.

Death like breaks and vacations, we all need them or else we’d go insane negatively.
“There is a knowledge that is beyond the mind and the intellect, it is the wisdom of consciousness.” 

― Belsebuub

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