Between sunrises all that matters to me is how you treat me if you desire the same respect, simple.

Go be and believe in whatever plus whoever you want to be while being it as long as you allow others the same ability in their own ways.

Just make sure it’s not going around killing people and stuff unless they desire that situation since it impedes on others “own ways” otherwise.

Like my relationship with “criminals”.

I respect their work and efforts while understanding that they have a set customer base which is unavoidable for some people due to the way they were born.

That’s never going to change as I wrote before, those who want to do drugs will always find ways to do drugs making them not the problem.

The problem always lies in between the walls of ignorance.

Sure it looks bad to someone who is not like that at all but to the opposite other that is their sanity which is fine as long as it’s kept separate from the opposite “good”.

Meaning everyone has a choice so if one desires to go down the path of drugs and gangs go for it, don’t let me stop you but let me build a “sanctuary city” where you can live like that without affecting others.

Like Victoria street, same idea if they want that type of life?

They can go live there meanwhile the rest live in “cleaner” environments all around them.

To me the drug war is stupid when you have doctors peddling the same types if not worse types of drugs legally.

So all we do is treat all drugs the same way, if they wanna do cocaine?

Sell them cocaine, tax it while building more schools, parks and hospitals etc….

It’s not that complicated if more people work together towards similar goals. ⁂

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It’s all good in the hood if people are happy.
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If everyone waited for that then no one would be smiling at all.

Be the first to do it when others do not.

They can take everything away except your smile, even through pain if you are “crazy” enough.

Laughter soothes depression without the need to swallow pills or sperm.
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One of many temporary fixes, like love.

Which is why love like many things remain “constants”.

“Repetition is Key”

“Purr, Rupee”
“Consciousness is everywhere, let it fill you up.” 

― Jay Woodman

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