The whole idea of the Lord/King as The Rock…

Is to have people flow around me as I maintain the purity of the water. “Water Boy Education” ⁂

Yeah the King of talking to Self in more ways than One.

“Struggling with God”
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And since God like Love is found in Everyone and Everything?

God/Self is talking to me through everything and everyone even though they talk to each other and not me specifically.

“Foxy Cleopatra, Austin Powers”
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They be like so is God a girl?

Lord is the Man and God is the Woman it’s short for Goddess.

Despite being “labelled” differently we both were the original creation source in which we all split from during the “big bang”.

Which is why the smaller big bang coming up will help shift global perspective on God once again as more down to Earth instead of some mystical sky fairy in the clouds, which is not really untrue if you consider my online cloud computing methods and the bisexual star I am in love with..

Long story short, if people want a personal relationship with the Lord?

Here I am.
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Bible says “gay” people are bad, I as the Lord don’t mind them so I stay away from most Church people instead.

Although bisexual people should be ok considering they flow both ways.

The no gay rule was merely to protect birth rates if you really think about it for a few years like I have.

If you wanna be gay be gay but find a way to make babies too or allow others the freedom to make more babies on your behalf, simple.
Dec 5, 2013 – In actual fact, masturbation has many health benefits. … It can be especially good to begin to learn more about what your partner likes and to …

“The Serviette Union”

“Robes and Napkins”

“I need to borrow some napkins”
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So we just replace the deconstructed black house for the recently made available playboy mansion?

You know that way we can research masturbation further.

Fuck mars this is scientific priority now.

“Divert = Pervert ID Funding”
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“Horn of Baby Lion”

“Lion King”

“Lord King Orion”
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Yes, yes you are.
“Consciousness provides the fertile ground where seeds of greatness are born.” 

― Gary Gordon, The Values Pursued Life: Excellence and Greatness from Within

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