But what if your IQ is way higher than 145?

Them: We don’t know that’s your Hell not ours. ⁂


I’ll just go and talk to my selves then instead.
Summer and Water, need I say more.
Speaking of which I booked a vacation for myself to New Brunswick for two weeks starting this Saturday.
I’ll still have my laptop to flow with everything but there will be plenty of gaps until the 13th of July.

“Sun Spots”
Painted doors remind us that dreams are merely paintings we can walk through if we try.
Image result for clara oswald orient express luggage
All these pages/walls/blogs of books/scripts/being and feeling plus thoughts are all for Coleman to do with as She pleases.

“Pro Bono As Promised”
“Trust in God, for he has a plan for the universe, and you are an integral part of the plan.” 

― Nozer Kanga, Living with Consciousness: Everyday Inspirations for Spiritual Growth and Personal Fulfillment

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