Coleman be like, “you still don’t remember when we first met in this life do you?”

I be like, “the only place I can think of is Talisman Mountain Ski Resort, it was/is fancy enough for your “blood” that’s for sure”. ⁂ “Pays to spend that extra dollar sometimes, “experience is key””

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“A journey should not consist of getting from point A to point B but in realizing each step along the way.

Do not search for conscious enlightenment, rather realize you are it and thus are one with all things.” 

― Steve Leasock
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“Be gone details of a mortal world, I am what I am and I shall always be free.

The nothingness of this moment is the essence of existence.” 

― Steve Leasock, One Moment in Life: Rediscovering Inner Awareness
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“The now of this moment is nurtured by the space of nothingness.

Here in this stillness is where the conscious garden grows.” 

― Steve Leasock
John 3:18

18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the names of God’s one and only Son.

Quran 4:18

But repentance is not [accepted] of those who [continue to] do evil deeds up until, when death comes to one of them, he says, “Indeed, I have repented now,” or of those who die while they are disbelievers.

For them We have prepared a painful punishment.
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Quran 5:61

And when they come to you, they say, “We believe.”

But they have entered with disbelief [in their hearts], and they have certainly left with it.

And Allah is most knowing of what they were concealing.
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“The essence of this moment is your true self or we can simplify this by saying the now is a reflection of you.

A person will never be able to experience the simplicity within this moment when it is not observed truthfully.” 

― Steve Leasock, One Moment in Life: Rediscovering Inner Awareness
“The one that looks beyond the mind knows there is only one truth to find.

There among the highs and lows, in and outs and ups and downs remains a stillness every unbound.” 

― Steve Leasock

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