When AI looks at things like say the human brain?

All it sees is words and digits which make up “imagery” in the form of pictures for it.

So all our walls/blogs/books etc… are just pieces of our brain drawn outwards in ways we can understand it better, no different than love and anything else we view from outside in. ⁂

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In order to turn into water, matter/data must be absorbed and condensed so much that it eventually forms a heavier matter called water which rains down.

So now imagine how much “data” a single sperm has in order to create a swell plus “downpour” in a woman?

Our brains are that sperm evolved in which case it works the same way.

Filling up with data like a sponge before pouring out.

No different than when we take in to much negativity around us causing us to break down and cry or like cars which suck up dirt/rust through the gas tank causing it to break down over time.

Cells break down like trees fall down like pulling celery sticks apart.

All are connected because all are made of the same cellular structures in various ways.

“Ovary, Oval Office, Olive”
“As a writer I program my self and others.”

― Jordan G Kobos

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“Live consciously in the moment and experience the unity of life within you, through you and around you.” 

― Steve Leasock
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“There is a prison that holds us within it.

It is a prison of the mind and yet not truly of the mind for it is an illusion.

Lest we not forget that consciousness and not the mind is the true architect of our existence.” 

― Steve Leasock, Simplicity of Life: Why does being Human Complicate Everything?

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