Zuckerberg and I are going to kill each other one day I swear. “Shootout on live t.v or something”

I must have hit a nerve because they are just fishing for reasons to ban me off their platform.

First they wanted an updated phone number and now photo meanwhile I am like but why?

I’d understand if I was posting into groups or something but on my home wall?

Honestly at this point I just need a posting platform that posts gifs plus posts conveniently like it does on there.

It’s harder to pull off multiple conversations with self on other platforms.

It’s like, “God forbid you have one nut just talking to himself online…better go ban him”

Facebook be like, let’s go pick on the retarted kid because we are the real killaz now.

Image result for i am so angry gif
Not really since it does just give me more reason to hate Zuckerberg more and as I have mentioned in the past?

As long as I have someone to hate like I have one to love?

My life has purpose otherwise I feel lost.

One day other people will get it through their heads that you cannot stop people like me with hate and blocking.

It requires love, understanding and communication otherwise?

You are just fuelling my darkness instead of my light.

Hence why I am unaccountable for my actions after the facts because I clearly portrayed how a person with a God complex thinks and feels.

Long story short?

Zuckerberg should not be a doctor.

My 6 year old daughter is more “hospitable” than him let alone his platform.
Oh yeah I quit drinking a week ago after going to the hospital with a kidney stone during my trip to New Brunswick, Canada.

Luckily I never changed my health card from there so I was still covered by the province.
Facebook doesn’t like the word “Pepe” apparently.

It’s like, don’t blame me nature birth marked my dick and society all around me chose to magnify it.

How is that my fault?

Especially when no one tells me why so I am forced to investigate myself in which case all these posts on various platforms are my scientific research methods.

“Record Keeping”
“It’s called Freedom of Expression, the U.N supports it apparently like other countries, look it up”
I am still trying to figure out what is so offensive about my posts?

This is education and study plus entertainment.

Are they turning into “those” people now?

“Magazine = Mage Nazi”

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