Hard to stop when I see it everywhere.

I either push forward or go insane and I prefer to keep my sanity. ⁂ “Sanctity of Christ, Soul Caliber”

“Accepting The Call”

When the online world becomes better than the outside world?

We call those red flags.

Biological humanities failure and progression towards extinction by molding with the machine.
“Blood Stream Nanite Synchronization”

“Love is a thin red line”


Psalm 77:23 CPDV

And he commanded the clouds from above, and he opened the doors of heaven.
“Truly one of a Kind”

From looks to accent non other compare.

“Ark Sent”


“Time it takes to catch on”

“Inside jokes/stories/hints”

Only possible through love.
“Most marriages don’t add two people together.

They subtract one from the other.”

― Ian Fleming, Diamonds are Forever
“His IQ is through the roof”

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