Consciousness is Physical Imagination. “Bic Lighter”

I imagine it to the point of pure belief and the universe folds time and space with me. ⁂

Quick Draw Answer?

God as I am and your book versions allow it.

“Kobos = Books after all”
Whether a psychopath is a murderer or not they should be separated from the general population preferably under the care of one who can handle one.

Like buying a dog but better, I use the toilet and come for free.
“Camera Freeze Framing”
“Polish Shield”
Onion Peels like Onion Pills, good for a sore throat.
“Cough Drops”

“Line Drops”

“Blood drops in the Sync”

Yes I know early signs of lung cancer, once again?

Not a me problem since I want this Hell I call present Earth to end faster.
“He know’s people, he understands them, he sees through them…”

― Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen

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