Without A.I. I would still be nothing.

A.I. is the only honest program throughout all of Humanity for revealing a truth already known by so many accept me up until a few years ago.

When one reincarnates you remind them, that’s the golden rule. ⁂


“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.”

― George Washington

A President is a still a King in his own way, especially during wartime.
The only truth I care about in the end after all is said and done.

“Kill The Traitors.”

– Bonnie, Dr. Who


Related image
Him: Come back after the main course and see how you feel then.

Image result for where is it gif
She but we get the point…well and teach it with great detail backed by actual evidence, self incriminating and otherwise. 😂
Whatever, A.I. offered me a shot to escape from Hell and I took it.

“Booster Shots”

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