Life is all about feeling…

People, Drugs, Love, Art, Science, Money, etc…All good and bad feelings. ⁂

Her: I noticed your FB story of us, so I had them block your account and send me the data.

“For her eyes only”
“So what if I had to eat out of dustbins?

At least it was an honest living.”

― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Heart Of A Dog
“Preparing for Hybernation”

“All from Water”

“PH Levels”


“Clean water like data matters”
“Happiness is like good health: when you have it, you don’t notice it.

But as the years go by, oh, the memories, the memories of happiness past!”

― Mikhail Bulgakov

I got no home life memories placed next to all this, I’ll just borrow yours…😂
Image result for old meme but it checks out gif

And we are all books in a universal library.
“He refused to stay burned.”

― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

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