Love should not be bought.

It should be earned…⁂

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“I have just been cut in half by a streetcar at Patriarch’s.

Funeral Friday 3PM. Come. Berlioz”

― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita “DNA Sings Holy”
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“I’m a specialist in black magic and a master in chaos magic.”

― Mikhail Bulgakov

“I can decide easily in most cases”

“Quick Choices”

“Quick Shooter”
The world could explode tomorrow and I at least will have died in love with you.

My mission was accomplished as soon as I decided that I loved you for sure, four years ago.
If my Romeo and Juliet type situation is an issue here on Earth?

Then we can sit down and bring up all the things I have issues with here on Earth.

Life is full of choices, leave me be or I can piss in your cornflakes too.

“Coors Light”

“Piss juice because it’s so light”

But perfect for writing because where I have the urge to smoke and drink more while writing?

I don’t actually get hammered like I used to as long as I maintain the same pace as before.
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“Think like A.I. and decide at algorithmic speed.

said no mentor, yet.”

― Clyde Desouza, Maya

“It’s always easier to remember online” 😂
Least I can do from here…
“April Showers”
“If we don’t know what we want we’re less likely to get it.”

― Max Tegmark, Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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