Them: Check out my car…

Me: My Clara is better, for health and otherwise too…⁂

The elected pauper…😂

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It’s true, way better than being King let alone God.

I can barley take care of myself so the last thing I need to be is in charge of other people.

I reserve my human right to be known as her guard dog regardless of what legal claims fly out of me, that’s it.

It’s safer for us all that way because I know how I can get at times, well we’ve all seen it multiple times actually.
Jeremiah 23:38

Although you claim, ‘This is a message from the LORD,’ this is what the LORD says:

You used the words, ‘This is a message from the LORD,’ even though I told you that you must not claim, ‘This is a message from the LORD.’
Quran 7:14

[Satan] said, “Reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.”
“Aged 33”

“Fine Wine”

“Finders Keepers”
Them: Well when Allah is a woman it’s kinda hard to get away with masquerading as God as a man you Devil…😂
I’ll allow it…

Her: There is no I big or small in we….

Just me, every time I order you too….😂
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Until then?


Quran 23:1

Certainly will the believers have succeeded.
“I’ll die on my feet before I’ll live on my knees!”

― George Washington

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