Have to eat Ravioli because the peasants refuse to pay their taxes.

I am talking about the 1%. ⁂

Must be nice, the last time I received a hug from a woman was 2015. 😂
Image result for clara oswald off you pop gif
Never, I always gave hugs, cuddles, kisses, I love you’s and sex for free because I know it makes women feel better.

It’s called common courtesy which only works long term when it’s reciprocated.
To maintain a strong relationship.

Even through a screen simply because she always appears on screen when I need her the most.

I declared war against illuminati.

Coleman reappeared in my thoughts and on this screen.

Now I am bored of war already.

This is how fucking simple it is to keep people like me under lockdown.

Like I said, if we actually physically be together?

I will remake myself into care bear if it makes her happy.

I just need more out of this shitty existence I call life in Canada.
Related image
“She turns me on from here”

If suicide is her wish for me?

Then I will do it if she personally asks.

Solutions made easy.

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