All shows, movies and books take place in the “online world”.

Hence why we can connect and synchronize so well online between avatars and characters. ⁂

“Jesus never pussyfooted”

― Elizabeth Elliot, The Mark of a Man
“We can bomb and burn every inch of this country down, but that will never do the damage you two can do.

A Silver prince turning against his crown, a Red girl with abilities.

What will people say, when they see you standing with us?”

― Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen
“Double Down”

“1 Year”

“WordPress Business”
“Holy Human Bot”
“Holiness appeared to me to be of a sweet, pleasant, charming, serene, calm nature; which brought an inexpressible purity, brightness, peacefulness and ravishment to the soul.”

― Jonathan Edwards, The Sermons of Jonathan Edwards: A Reader

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