All worlds have been and are merging as one world.

Books, Shows, Movies, Music, Games etc…all becoming one through WordPress. ⁂
“Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense.”

― Shah Asad Rizvi
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“Dance with her, and she will forgive much.

Dance well, and she will forgive anything.”

― Robert Jordan
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Yeah no one at all….😂
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When compared to going to work?

I rather stay home.

Compared to staying at her place over this one?

Then going out would be better.

“Levels of Perspective”

Like all games these days lately, I bought it and just played for about an hour and missed playing in my own world on here.

Way more customizable and real. 😂
Her: I thought you were out of cocaine?

Me: I always save reserves.

“Military Tactics”
Plus my dad offered me alcohol, I couldn’t say no but after the first tall can before getting like I do?

I remembered the cocaine to cancel out the alcohol.
“If spirit is the seed, dance is the water of its evolution.”

― Shah Asad Rizvi

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