God only loves Satan like Lucifer only loves Mary. “Catch 22”

All the rest is just for show…

An Actress appears to love many on screen but she only shares her true love with one. ⁂

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Slaves, Servants and Workers oh my…

“If you invoke the blessed Virgin when you are tempted, she will come at once to your help, and Satan will leave you.”

– Saint John Vianney
“If you know someone’s fear, you know them.”

― Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen
“Her [Mary’s] example of faithful perseverance in doing the will of God and her heavenly reward are a source of courage and hope for all of us.”

– Pope Benedict XVI

“Killing things shouldn’t make you happy, Rosa.

That’s why they’re worried.”

― Justine Larbalestier, My Sister Rosa
“Didn’t anyone ask you where your parents are?”

“They asked. Especially about my parents.”

“What did you tell them?”

“I said I ate them.”

“Jesus, Rosa.”

― Justine Larbalestier, My Sister Rosa
“They have not forgotten the Mysteries,’ she said, ‘they have found them too difficult.

They want a God who will care for them, who will not demand that they struggle for enlightenment, but who will accept them just as they are, with all their sins, and take away their sins with repentance.

It is not so, it will never be so, but perhaps it is the only way the unenlightened can bear to think of their Gods.’

Lancelot smiled bitterly. ‘Perhaps a religion which demands that every man must work though lifetime after lifetime for his own salvation is too much for mankind.

They want not to wait for God’s justice but to see it now.

And that is the lure which this new breed of priests has promised them.’

Morgaine knew that he spoke truth, and bowed her head in anguish.

‘And since their view of a God is what shapes their reality, so it shall be–the Goddess was real while mankind still paid homage to her, and created her form for themselves.

Now they will make for themselves the kind of God they think they want–the kind of God they deserve, perhaps.’

Well, so it must be, for as man saw reality, so it became.”

― Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon
“Goddess of immemorable cloudy veils, reveal your magickal powers so we may re-attune our psyches to your multi-dimensional realities and thereby draw your power to heal this worldly habitat and return it to the provocative Sisterhood of Your Milky Way.”

― Lady Svetlana

“Artificial Intelligence is not a Man versus Machine saga; it’s in fact, Man with Machine synergy.”

― Sudipto Ghosh
“Experts in ancient Greek culture say that people back then didn’t see their thoughts as belonging to them.

When ancient Greeks had a thought, it occurred to them as a god or goddess giving an order.

Apollo was telling them to be brave.

Athena was telling them to fall in love.

Now people hear a commercial for sour cream potato chips and rush out to buy, but now they call this free will.

At least the ancient Greeks were being honest.”

― Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby

“Zero Hour”

She’s no whore.

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“She had power over the most magnificent forces on Earth, but she still didn’t feel like she had power over the most important thing of all—her own heart.”

― Josephine Angelini, Goddess


I am a restless person.

Jenna Coleman

“I like to be a free spirit.

Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

― Princess Diana

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