See it wasn’t the drugs or alcohol making me angry…

It was the environments/surroundings/wallpapers as always, online and offline. ⁂

“I’d forgotten about it, and now I forgot it again.

There are things that have to be forgotten if you want to go on living.”

― Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me but it does help when used in moderation. 😂
“Pride is not all of one kind.”

― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations
“For some she came in a dream. For others in words as clear as a bell: it is time, I am here.

She may come in a whisper so loud she can deafen you or a shout so quiet you strain to hear.

She may appear in the waves or the face of the moon, in a red goddess or a crow.”

― Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman
“The best things in history are accomplished by people who get tired of being shoved around.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, Have Space Suit—Will Travel

“How is it that everyone on this train has so much alcohol?”

“We always head to Canada at the beginning of the season,” she says taking her seat again.

“Their laws are much more civilized.


― Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants
“As long as there’s light, we’ve got a chance.”

― Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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