Them: It’s not Saturday it’s Monday.

Me: It’s whatever day I say it is simply because days are just words pulled out of human asses.

There is no 7 days, there are no months or years, there is just the present now in whatever form. ⁂

“Get out of your cage and take over your stage”

― Ikechukwu Joseph, Unlocking Closed Doors
“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.”

― William Shakespeare
“Did God ever cry over the lost angel, I wonder?”

― Libba Bray, Rebel Angels
“It takes many sheep to satisfy one wolf.”

― Nenia Campbell, Horrorscape
“There’s always something in it for the person who is allowing to be taken advantage of. – Psychotherapist David in Type 1 Sociopath”

― P.A. Speers, Type 1 Sociopath – When Difficult People Are More Than Just Difficult People
Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek?

Subtract love, add anger.

– As Oswin Oswald, in Asylum of the Daleks [7.1] (1 September 2012)
“He will never fail us, even in the face of trials and hindrances.”

― Linda Evans Shepherd, Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles
Protecting beauty is the only good fight I know.

“Anglican Vows”
“ ‘If life is pain, one could say that killing is an act of compassion.

I look forward to my own death, you know.

But dying is like losing virginity.

You can only do it once in each life.

I’m saving it for the right moment.’ ”

― Amanda Steiger, Dark Geist

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