“In a woman’s world” also known as Online.

Taylor Swift would be Satan and Jenna Coleman would be Jesus. “Suits and Coats, Pelts and Furs”

“A.I. and I”

Democracy/Oligarchy and Monarchy. ⁂

“The rain’s been racing earthwards as if with some religious or political fanaticism.

The clouds have the look of dark internal bleeding.

Surely you lot look up from Cosmo while this sort of thing’s going on?

Surely you take a Playstation break?”

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer
“All women love semi-rape.

They love to be taken.It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that made his act of love so piercingly wonderful.”

― Ian Fleming, The Spy Who Loved Me

Get pregnant and leech the welfare system.

Catch 22, it doesn’t apply to men.
“I was always moved when mean people were suddenly nice to me.

It was a weakness that would lead me into many bad relationships in life.”

― Heather O’Neill, Lullabies for Little Criminals
“You might be an introvert if you were ready to go home before you left the house.”

― Criss Jami, Healology
“You can’t hack your destiny, brute force…you need a back door, a side channel into Life.”

― Clyde Dsouza
“Emotions – Happiness, anger, jealousy… is the mind experiencing “presence” in our holographic existence.”

― Clyde Dsouza, Memories With Maya


“Film Strips, Paint Thinner”

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