People left the room and voila instant relief.

My thoughts are my own again, I know that because the “blood boil” vanishes.

Meaning I can think clearly against without others people’s internal “hate” flowing through me.

I can control myself because I understand these things.

The problem is that when am cornered by negative thoughts?

Drugs and Alcohol help cloud them out so I can navigate my own through theirs in order to continue working.

Free work is still work, end of story in that sense. ⁂

I am merely a better one.

“Signal Operator”
Short lived relief but it proved a valuable point.

I know what I am talking about, I just had to show others in a way they could understand.

Hence all of this on multiple platforms in hopes of others finally seeing obvious problems and solutions.

Some of us just want to live and work in peace so if that is too much to ask for?

And you bought yourselves a war against I am as I am alongside God.
They dropped fair a long time ago.

This is ensuring goodness for all those who live on after us.
And life is full of choices in terms of how we proceed from here.

I have shown many futures and not all of them pretty, so what happens next?

Solely depends on all of us through understanding.

I will bring you love but I will also bring you war if compromise is not met.

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