“Designer Jeans”

“Pantorama, Pandora”

Painting a Door for a way out from Grandma’s in Toronto.

“Betelgeuse Theory” Battle of Troy. ⁂ “Gitter Done”

“Stage Coach”

“Investigate before you speak let alone contest faith or otherwise”

“Lamp, Lamb”
Related image
To be in the know.
Image result for obviously gif
“Pre arranged for one while in love with the same one”
Guess I found out first, oops. 😂

“Guess Jeans”

She was told first, I found out first.

“Stupid Specifics”

“Lawyer Games”


“Life’s Good”

“All God wants to be is loved to the point of creating an entire Universe where that is reality”


“When in June”
“Bullet Points”

“Ball Point Pens”


“Simple Apply Tissue”
Yeah my right shoulder is hurting, you have me nailed to a tea.

“Predictive Modelling”
“Fools kick good men to make themselves feel strong and know”

― Prince simus

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