I don’t care to ruin the system if people are enjoying it.

But it’s nice to know that I can…⁂ “Red Line of Death, Lord’s Holy Bloodlines”

Through incrimination and mercy a hero is born.

“Cheeseburgers,’ Percy said.

‘Food of the gods.”

― Rick Riordan, The Son of Sobek

Obesity does more damage than drugs and sex per capita.

I may be high but I feel just fine still.

My luck can always run out but the point is do I care if it does?

No because I understand the consequences and do them anyways.

No different than my past criminal activities.
My favourite animal was/is always the wolf.

“Howling at the Moon”

“Do the Math”

“Home Living”

Is way cheaper, tweet tweet.

Enjoy it while you can.

Now Home Working is way cheaper since you cut many costs through simply just staying home and doing whatever from there.

“Online Jobs”

More poetics and less politics type of thing..

I enjoyed the women and some of the humorous lines plus complaints but the dark cloud of politics?

Got boring really fast hence why I haven’t been in a rush to go back, I am more free to enjoy my own online experience alongside those who put in a bit more creative punches into their works.

Then all the we love God/Lord stuff is cool to, I can’t complain about that here. 😂
“Nothing is ever truly quiet, except for fools.”

― Alan Paton, Cry, the Beloved Country

“Express Yourselves”

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