Life like religion if even only one person does it?

Then it’s true…⁂

You fight one issues and 50 grow in many cases.
James 4:3 New International Version (NIV)

When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

Many addicts ask for food money only to spend it on drugs.

I did that allot growing up, I even took bank loans while claiming it was for whatever only to go out and buy drugs.

So then I simply stopped lying about it and began being straight up about my desires in life in terms of lots of sex and drugs plus all this stuff causing life to become significantly better for me.

If you’re gonna be an addict then go out and be a proud addict, stop trying to deceive people since you only deceive yourself otherwise.
We either spend time together while I do cocaine or you fuck off and I do cocaine or I fuck off and go home to do cocaine, the common theme here?

I am doing cocaine.

You take away cash from society and we will use credit cards and bitcoins so then at that point you have many businesses and banks aiding and abetting addictions, we gonna nail them all too?


We have a war on racism, war on poverty, war on cancer, war on war so the last thing we need is a war on drugs too…

Let’s simply decide to keep some wars while moving others into simple medicinal science studies and population control methods, whatever you wanna call it.
“Love Scenes”

“Projectile Weapons”

“Good Feelings”


“Trickle Down Economies”

“Math = Meat Heat”
Fucking animals I tell yeah…😂
To scare all the jerks away…😂
“For within himself, be he clairvoyant and articulate, he will find latent the divisions of the mind of European man, and their opposing impulses.”

― Henry Williamson, Lucifer Before Sunrise

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