When it comes to addiction you simply need to let loose and enjoy it.

Otherwise you just end up suffering.

There is no sin or crime in God’s law for being an addict.

We all need to cope with life and in life somehow.

Others simply require other forms of addictions like workouts and shoe shopping or gaming etc…

It’s only a problem if you make it one let alone see it as one.

From my experience with addiction?

The only problem is money, otherwise there are no problems since in order to get that money one either works or resorts to crime just to get their fix. ⁂

I tried fighting my addiction from 14 – 30, then at 30 I simply said fuck it and suddenly I became an happy addict instead of a miserable addict.

The problem which happened?

Society around me did not like that idea so they have been trying to make it hard on me since.

They nailed my speed dealers so now I have cocaine dealers.

In the end what did they solve?


I am still getting my drugs and other people are in jail or dead as result of police busts.

Hence why my plan to deal with drugs in society is infinitely greater.
Attack my drugs and I attack religions or whatever else hurts people in society should they suddenly come crashing down and vanish, like profits.

It’s amazing how many other issues spawn from other street level issues.

They lose weed and suddenly they go around preaching about pedo popes and what not.

No different than banning gays, people of colour, other faiths etc…

They want to come inside, people lock the gate, so they fire.

Some do it for valid reasons like I do, others do it for foolish reasons.

Either way the process is still the same.
Stay out of our way and we will stay out of yours while through that mutual respect we can live together in our own ways peacefully.

You go play football or whatever and I will get drunk/stoned while writing, simple.
True intelligence stems from experience.

Most do not understand because they haven’t done the drugs we have let alone the amounts, let alone for the same length of time.

I know what and who’s good for me and you don’t unless I ask otherwise type of reality.

The sooner we get on that page?

The sooner we can work on greater peace.

Have to remember it’s not my children suffering out there due to drug, greed and religious wars.

So I can play this game all day while maintaining the “highest ground” constantly.


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