And this is all that Jesus went around doing…

Asking, Demanding and Forcing the elites to take better care of him and the people who are in similar positions of neglect.

Many can help themselves meanwhile many cannot and I simply fight for those who cannot since I know how it feels.

51 Jobs later after thefts, drugs and becoming sick at work or arrested?

Clearly shows that doing something like this is my only option next to just running off with Coleman.

So it’s not a matter of me being lazy it’s simply me trying to find a way to adapt back into society without causing a string of disasters again. ⁂

“Therapy to life:

Eat with the wise, and drink with the fools!”

― Anthony Liccione
She is a healer so even her image alone reflects her healing aura hence why I am spiritually attracted to her also.

She can heal me through simple touch.

I am a negative spirit, she is a positive spirit.

When the two combine?

Equilibrium happens.

“Big Bang Theory”
And cheap which is why many medical professionals fear and loath us.

They charge crazy amounts for things we provide for next to nothing.
Nehemiah 9:15

“You provided bread from heaven for them for their hunger, You brought forth water from a rock for them for their thirst, And You told them to enter in order to possess The land which You swore to give them. “Acadians”

Only if they help me first since they started this feud against me through racism which spawned from them assuming I was English instead of Canadian Polish who knows English.

Major difference.

Which is another clear example of racism be blinding and foolish because now they started a feud against Poland through me for assuming I was English.

I have no reason to protect them or their language since I rather my children speak English anyways.
Related image
Nehemiah 9:20

“You gave Your good Spirit to instruct them, Your manna You did not withhold from their mouth, And You gave them water for their thirst.
“Jekyll had more than a father’s interest; Hyde had more than a son’s indifference.”

― Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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