I can’t be with someone from Hollywood because they are my children through Wood.

Where as in Tinseltown? Is the twin soul town, those I am able to. ⁂

I just love playing stupid because I am tired of being smart.

Which sadly my stupid is smart still none the less which is what makes me the foolish dog called God.
She’s trying to make me feel guilty….and I am fighting it as usual like a typical criminal. 😂

“Gravity of Love”
That’s the funny yet sad part because sure she is worth 5 million pounds but is her making the money worth the time lost in between?

When it comes to early retirement like say after filming the serpent?

Then yes, yes it is.

“Ski Poles”
By the time it blows into reality it will feel like cloud 19.
Like an addict chasing a high, worth it just like cocaine but better especially with cocaine. 😂
Some simply need something a bit stronger than coffee in order to keep going positively.
“Malcolm Gladwell can’t help being a pinhead.

He was probably born that way.”

― Gregory Cochran

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