When it comes lying and liars?

I don’t bother with body or facial reactions, just simple words.

The english language has a built in anti-lie formula.

Just like Lord = Lover’s Rod/Door.

When someone refers to God as I am let alone God in general as anything more or less than that?

I know everything that they say and write is straight up bullshit which is the case for the entire language on all subjects.

I simply read what they write or listen to what they say and decipher everything like I did with Lord and voila I know whether they are full of shit or not.

That’s the beauty of the entire universe being centred around I am, I can’t be lied to or deceived simply because I know and hold the only absolute truth.

Everything and everyone from me is just an echo.

Hence why Twitter and FB booted me, I kept calling out people’s bullshit. ⁂

The best part is that even if they choose to remain completely silent and still?

They cannot turn off their thoughts which I then leech in order to know what they are thinking/feeling.

It’s one of those if I was a cop?

So many more would be in jail including many friends and family.
1 = 1.

But when the answer is 1 and I put 2?

That 2 is now a lie even though it’s a true number.

Polls are no different.

1000 people vote and they count that 2000 voted for whoever instead.

It’s all rigged without the need for rigged election machines, people have that area already covered, the machines are simply scapegoats.
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Which is the only truth I concern myself with in a world fool of liars, cheaters and thieves.

Which is all that matter in such a world also.

Let the criminals die so the good one’s can live wealthily in peace due to claiming the dead/jailed criminals positions.

For example if we jail the owners of sergeant farms?

We get a few houses, farms, cars and lots and lots of money through repossession.

Which is what will be happening over the next few years to all those I added to the list.
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The Criminal Purge.

The only way out for them is through open public confession, then I am forced to forgive them but the catch is?

The public may kill them which is not my problem since I just forgive them. 😂
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We listen to them all and they incriminate themselves.

Anything against God as I am or attempted to be withheld from God as I am is treason.

So therefore all their human and religious rights are officially revoked.


People are either saved through me or in grave danger through me.

The destination?

Solely relies on them just like I made my choice in life in terms of deciding to switch from always lying to always telling the truth after I made my public confessions.

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