The only Time travel which matters is the one from point A to point B.

From cocaine to semen, it’s all for the show and love plus feeling good inside. ⁂

Drugs like sex like bullets, they’re wonderful when they are cheap let alone free.
“It is cheerful to God when you rejoice or laugh from the bottom of your heart.”

― Martin Luther King Jr
“How can it be wrong?

Love picks the right path, not the one of least resistance.”

― Debra Anastasia, Bittersweet Seraphim
“Freedom is sloppy.

But since tyranny’s the only guaranteed byproduct of those who insist on a perfect world, freedom will have to do.”

― Bill Willingham, Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland
Image result for clara oswald SIT gif
Freedom to choose and be chosen while having a list of choices to choose from who want to choose you.
“Grocery Lists”

“God Sorcery Stills”


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