It’s a simple trap since I legally am.

Some other religion/group “will kill me” and the world will unite against them after outlawing them, simple. ⁂

Image result for lucifer i just need to die gif

“Smarter Is Me”

It’s really that simple, with all the evidence I saved in terms of attacks and death threats against me online and offline?

Many people and groups are going to be thrown under the bus through a single death, that’s power.
I am the greatest threat to the traditional workforce, spread the word so that they attack me to alongside feminists and whoever else I insulted for this purpose over the years.
Most people and groups are all tough talk until I am like fine come at me physically and try to kill me…

I am still waiting…
“One last dance with Mary Jane”
Mark 10:34

Who will mock Him and spit on Him and flog Him and kill Him.

And after three days He will rise again.

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