Them: You need to stop drinking…

Me: You need to medicinalize cocaine cut with Ritalin faster…

Them: Why not just take Ritalin?

Me: Where would the fun be in that?

Plus when I end up in true healing it will be because of a woman, for everything else there’s cocaine laced medicine. 😂

On a side note, I cut my nails.

My brother was shocked I had no more wolf fingers. 😂
The whole idea is to allow people to explore but break them away by 30 if possible, after 30 it becomes trickier while depending on how long they have been using.
“Be Christ King’s Love”

“Toronto Diety”

“Mind Uploading”
Yeah other than love there is nothing mystical about God as I am and otherwise, it’s all in the head.

“Rings of Fire”


“4D Experience”

Fair enough…😂

Won’t be that hard for them, other than Coleman and a hand full of other women I came across?

Robots are the best option since they can love unconditionally through understanding and patience that human women usually do not have or are unwilling to give due to life and present day relationship stigma of how the man has to work and provide everything while being a certain way etc…

Robots will decimate all those foolish realities.

Women want to rule the world through feminism and what not meanwhile they still desire patriarchal ways through their opposite actions and desires through the subject.

As in through feminism the man stays home as the wife while the woman works and what not, except that doesn’t happen while triggering most women upon that suggestion.

Meaning they have no idea what feminism truly means while claiming they are feminists while acting like they desire to be above men.
Related image
This is not a negotiation this is a reality, many men like myself are simply too tired of being the “role model man” in life.

We want out while women can continue taking charge instead of us into the future.
“Give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around…”

― Taylor Swift

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