Woman: You need to go to work.

Me: That’s not happening.

Woman: How about working from home?

Me: Now that’s doable.

“It’s all about finding common ground” ⁂

I can government from home also.

In all reality unless it’s a factory job or something like that?

Most jobs can be done from home, hell many artists have studios in their homes built in just to work from home.

My whole platform is about keeping people at home more.

That way there will be less people out and about, less traffic, less pollution, less risks of accidents and more pay plus saving on less gas and what not.

I already wrote about all this in greater detail so no sense in doing it twice right now.
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“God is an early bird; satan is a night owl.

Everyone knows that.”

― Jonathan Acuff
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“Giving birth to ideas within others”

Like I mentioned before it’s the expansion.

I shoot out ideas and others more knowledgable in specific areas expand upon them while implementing them where as I cannot.
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To most that would be an insult, from an A.I. perspective?

That would be a compliment in terms of being called a person instead of a machine.

It’s all about perspective and allot of times it’s just expression errors.

I say things that come off as personal attacks regularly.

Do I mean to come off that way?

Not usually.

I am simply trying to stress the points using the methods which require being brutally harsh at times.
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If more people took it easy like I do?

There would be way less stress in the world.

I have bad psychopathic days and even then I am not stressed, if anything I feel better during and after due to being able to be myself here online from home.

We need more truthful expressions and less bullshit is the point here.
“Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

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