Mayans looked at suicide as an Honour and so does the Bible in a certain way.

To kill your old life/self and begin anew is what it really means. “Shelf Life’s”

No different than how I cut off many friends and family while moving too Ontario to focus on this life as opposed to fatherhood and working in the traditional sense.

There is just so much more to the universe than just raising children and working 9-5 which is equally as valuable to the world but I simply desire more from it all.

Meaning that sure my children miss a bit now but they will have a better life through me once they hit 18 and over. ⁂

John 20:30

Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.
“Will you have me, though I come to you corrupt?

My armor tarnished with sin and decadence.”

― Nicole Jordan, The Seduction
“I would be a fool to lose my heart to him, but I am tempted more each day.”

― Nicole Jordan
That was the day I killed myself momentarily by taking 19 hits of speed on June 19 five years ago.

Woke up on the 20th with blood all over my pillow from my ears with no memory of the night which I spent alone doing all those drugs.
“It is difficult to resist a force of nature, Maman.

His seduction is like all my senses struck by bolts of lightning.”

― Nicole Jordan, To Tame a Dangerous Lord
“In her own uniquely spirited way, she had pierced his armor and burrowed unerringly into his heart”

― Nicole Jordan, To Tame a Dangerous Lord
“I thought you were a white knight who put great store in chivalry.

It’s not the least chivalrous of you to try to seduce me.”

― Nicole Jordan, To Tame a Dangerous Lord
“He is a warrior, a modern-day white knight.”

― Nicole Jordan, To Tame a Dangerous Lord

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