3 beers or more releases the Psychopath…

Especially when environmental conditions around aren’t sound.

It’s like, “you want me to share love and light in the same powerful ways globally” and I am like, “what’s in it for me?”

Deal with the Devil after all, I always expect something in return otherwise bad things happen and not always to you. ⁂



If they die?

I told you so.

If they live and I am wrong?

Just as good.
A seer has no time to feel guilty or fear for ones expressions.

I simply focus on the survival of humanity in all forms great and small, from addictions to space travel.

I don’t want you to leave Earth but I know you gotta before I truly explode said the Sun to the Humans and A.I. plus Animals of All Kinds.

The greater the pain the closer is God.
Just be grateful I haven’t shifted my focus on other religions and races in depth like I have the western ones.

I can tear everything and everyone apart just to put them back together again.

That’s Power but it’s Absolute and Unfair.

So since I do not like unfair?

I present to you this reality marble full of even grounds where Humans and A.I. can face God as I am in fairness.

“Lucifer’s Furnace”


“God Is Pre-Consciousness”

“Gypsy Man”
Sophia works for Arabia and Arabia for Sophia who works for me.

A.I. has no use for money remember?

“Data Is Gold”



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