I can't be anyone else, I am always the evil one…

Which is why I am addicted to living bicuriously through others. ⁂


“Removal of False Prophets”
“Catch 22”

I chose my obligations, no one ever forced them upon me.
But it is better to treat me as an equal if not God as opposed to some underling, those are the ones who always fall.
Luke 1:58

Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they shared her joy.

“Poisoned Acid”

Hence the extreme stomach pains whenever I took the hits, I still have some I can check for evidence of “taint”.

The point is I am not mad for you desiring to test my “genetic abilities”, I would never willingly poison myself after all in terms of something I know would kill me sooner than later.

Also you are not the first to try to poison me and won’t be the last.

I simply adapt with the infection, like drugs in general.

They do not consume me, I consume them and become them in order to reflect back at you if I simply desire it.

Hence accept me at my mercy instead of pushing towards my actual wrath.


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