The reason certain people's WordPress posts take longer to pass security…

Is that it involves waiting on human eyes to double check the posts before allowing it to pass through whatever mainstream, as in public, private or semi-public.

It’s all controlled, I would have it memorized how fast it took between posting and someone seeing, not just liking.

Then suddenly the times increased between post and view which told me that I was switched from only A.I. checking to human checking also.

On the bright side at least I secure their jobs for now through that necessity.

Job creation/security in action through evil ole me. ⁂
Ezekiel 34:31

You are my sheep, the sheep of my pasture, and I am your God, declares the Sovereign LORD.
Quran 34:29

And they say, “When is this promise, if you should be truthful?”

“I Sit To Teach”

Better an addict in control of their addictions to learn from in order to understand other addicts as opposed to risking endangering others through “random public outburst” studies.

Hence why I need my own place with more drugs while cameras and people monitor while I also monitor myself through these online works to help others discover more.

I’d even due heroine if it’s something they need someone to do in order to learn more, but only if my requirements are met, otherwise this is all you get for free.
Image result for bat signal gif
“I’m sure my unique brain tastes the same as a normal brain.

Actually, mine might be slightly tastier.”

― J. Cornell Michel, Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution
“He would be damned if he fell prey to love’s debilitating thrall.”

― Sophie Jordan, Once Upon a Wedding Night

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