Well it's hard to be wrong when you are recreating the Universe.

I am always right, just not right to others type of thing…πŸ˜‚

“The Evil One Hates Evil like God Hates Gays”

Not really but it makes for a good story…πŸ˜‚



At least they got the point, don’t attack my God as I am or otherwise and I won’t send threatening remarks.

Especially if you claim to be my friend prior to the attacks.

I trusted you to accept me as I am and you fucked up, simple.

I have no use for traitors of friendship and/or otherwise.


Meaning I give birth to gays and bisexuals at times but am not gay myself hence the gaydar and understanding psychic link perks.

β€œFinally, the sun peeks over the mountains in a thin line of red-gold that edges the dark lake.”

― Sophie Jordan,Β Firelight
Sadly I am not even attracted to red heads either.

I love white brunettes and so does the D. πŸ˜‚
β€œI relax my thoughts and absorb everything humming around me.

The branches with their gray-green leaves.

The birds stirring against the dawn.”

― Sophie Jordan,Β Firelight

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