Without woman man is truly alone and vice versa…

We eternally compliment eachother through love and strife. ⁂

“Call me what you want; I’m still taking your cake.”

― L

“I’m game for anything.

Will you pelt me with falling hearts in a symbolic rain of our unrequited love?

Or perhaps chain me to a wall in lace made of moonlight and have your way with me?”

― A.G. Howard, Ensnared

“Death is the awesome gift given by god….But when its natural”

― Vikrant Sharma

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“Selfishness from earth to hereafter:

Thy pray and struggle, same by thee.

Because life committed selfishness in living with the Democracy.”

― Deh Gel

Aren’t we all in many ways for various reasons.

But what’s more important than simply venting our stresses?

Doing something about them whether it be together or alone otherwise.

It’s the only way to get things done on planet Earth, online and offline.
“Devil Diety”

One who lived.


“Spiritual Connection Enhancement”

“The Other side”

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