As it is written as it shall be done…

The golden rule of universal and spiritual law…⁂
“The tea-infused steam was another smell that brought back a fistful of memories, and I let them come.

Better to open the door for them, even if they are sad, than to let them burn your house down from the outside.”

― Alexander Gordon Smith, Execution
2 Kings 17:41 New International Version (NIV)

41 Even while these people were worshiping the Lord, they were serving their idols.

To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their ancestors did.
“A locked door was suddenly opened in the back of my mind and a barrage of demented clowns came rushing out.”

― Amy Astorga, Waters of Change
Seals like Cells like Locks, all can be overridden.

Psalm 69:29

But as for them, afflicted and in pain– may salvation, God, protect them.
1 Samuel 17:35 New International Version (NIV)

35 I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth.

When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it.
In order to bring awareness towards criminals who are so good at crime that they cannot be caught you catch another one like them and then rico the case from there.
“A god without wrath, without intimidation, without punishment, without hell?

It would be a paper tiger, a teddy bear!”

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

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